Do I Need to Cycle EnJect?

EnJect, like all pre-workout formulas, should be used for 6-8 weeks follows by a 2-3 week break. Like all stimulants, long term use can cause overstimulation of the Adrenal Glands and as a result users will start to feel the effect of the product less and less. To avoid this, cycle EnJect by going 6-8 weeks on cycle and 2-3 weeks off cycle. It is recommended that when coming off EnJect no other pre workout or stimulant be used.


How Do I Use EnJect?

EnJect, is the first of its kind Liquid Pre-Workout Suspension. The suspension is stable and active and will immediately go to work once ingested. For best results it is recommended that individuals load the oral syringe provided with 5ml’s of EnJect Pre-Workout Suspension. Once loaded simply EnJect the liquid pre workout suspension into the mouth and swallow. After swallowing drink water liberally. The liquid suspension does not need to be held under the tongue or in the mouth. Simply EnJect and swallow. Results will be noticeable within 10-15 minutes. First time users should start with 2.5-3ml’s to assess individual tolerance to the formula.


What is the Best Time to Use EnJect?

EnJect is best used immediately before training sessions to increase workout intensity, drive and focus. Simply EnJect the liquid suspension into your mouth 15 minutes before training and enjoy the most incredible training session of your life. EnJect can be used a maximum of 2 x per day. Do not use EnJect 5-6 hours before sleep as the stimulants in the EnJect formula may keep you awake.


Is EnJect Safe for Women?

EnJect can be used by both men and women as a pre-workout formula. Because males usually have a greater body-weight than women they are usually able to take a full 5ml dose comfortably. Women should always start with 1/2 a dose and work up to the full dose over a series of workout sessions. However, the ingredients in EnJect are safe for women and can be used without issue.


How Many Times Can I Use EnJect in 24 hrs?

EnJect can comfortably be used up to 2x in a 24 hour period. Most individuals workout one time per day and will take EnJect 15 minutes before that session. For those who train 2x per day EnJect can be used 15 min before the first session and 15 min before the 2nd session. It is recommended that the sessions be at least 6 hours apart. For Example: Session 1 – 7am (Take EnJect at approximately 6:45am) Session 2 – 4pm (Take EnJect at approximately 3:45pm)


How Do I Store EnJect?

EnJect should be stored in a cool, dry place and does not require refrigeration. Because EnJect is easy to use and is portable, users may want to keep it in an area they frequent before training sessions. EnJects delivery system makes it extremely portable and easy to use and it can be kept any place that would be convenient to get to before a workout session. EnJect can also be “Pre-Loaded” into the O-SHOT syringe and capped with the blue safety tip. Then the syringe can be kept in your glove compartment or gym bag until it is needed.


Where Can I Get EnJect?

EnJect can be found at supplement retailers throughout the United States. EnJect can also be purchased online on this site, or at our main corporate site, if your local supplement retailer does not carry the EnJect formula please have them contact us at


Wholesale EnJect

If you own or operate a retail supplement location and are interested in carrying EnJect Liquid Pre-Workout Suspension then call us at: 210-845-1897. If you own or operate a website or distribution company please email us at: