They have been a cornerstone of the sports nutrition industry for over 10+ years. Pretty much every supplement company in existence has a replica or clone of a “High-Stim” pre-workout powder that they claim is stronger, faster-hitting and more powerful than the last.

Every single product in existence uses the same out-dated technology to deliver pretty much the same experience to the user. Although some may be a bit more potent than others, in the end It Seems They all Fall Short of Perfection.

The Most Common Pre-Workout Complaints are:

“My Pre Workout Isn’t Strong Enough, I Can’t Feel It”

“My Pre-Workout Gives Me Good Energy but I Crash Hard After Using It.”

“It Takes Too Long to Hit Me!”

“I Feel Moody and Have a Headache After Using It”

“I Just Don’t Feel it Anymore!”

Do any of these statements sound familiar? Have you tried every preworkout on the market yet still can’t find that perfect level of elevation, focus and energy to keep you pushing harder and harder through your training session?


You’re Not Alone.. We Are All Chasing The Key to What I Refer to as the “Perfect Training Session.”


We are all on a mission to find that certain something that lights our wiring, pushes pain to the side and drives us to destroy the weights and aid us in our quest to add slabs of thick, lean muscle to our physiques.. That my friend is where EnJect O-SHOT technology comes from. It is inspired by the desire to create the “Perfect Environment” for training.


“An Environment Where the Mind, Body and Peak State all Bond Together”


From the very first glance you will notice that EnJect is different. It’s obviously very unique and hardcore. We knew we had to “Re-Think” Pre-Workout Supplementation, not just do what every other company does and “copy” an existing product.. We had to innovate, create and set a new standard for Pre-Workout Formulas.


We started by analyzing delivery systems and observing just how fast we could get a pre-workout supplement into the blood stream. Our R&D team discovered that oral suspension technology increased absorption and blood concentration by up to 65% from what one would experience from a typical powdered pre-workout formula.


Although it’s much more costly to develop, blend and create liquid suspensions, the end result is a compound that hits fast, hard and has a much more balanced release. It also has more accurate and precise dosing that results in the absolute perfect training state.


The science behind the creation of a liquid pre-workout suspension is very unique and detailed. But….the end result is quite possibly the most “Perfect Pre- Workout Solution Ever Designed.”


Within minutes of your first O-Shot Injection of EnJect you will begin to feel your body warm up and your mind “Zero In.” Everything begins to get very clear and you start to notice a level of intensity and motivation that helps block out all mental distractions and primes you for the ultimate training session.


The EnJect Oral Suspension hits very quickly and you’ll notice that training intensity, and perceived strength are much greater than what you’re normally capable of. In fact, the effect is so strong that it is recommended that you exercise caution and control while on EnJect as it is much easier to overtrain and or lift much heavier weight than normal while experiencing its effects.


EnJect’s effect will easily last 1-2 hours and unlike other pre-workouts you will not notice an immediate crash but instead a slow taper with normal energy levels being restored and a welcomed sense of focus and clarity long after your EnJect Dose.

During our initial Beta Test of EnJect we asked several Professional and National Level Bodybuilding and Physique Athlete to use it on their most intense training days. The feedback was very consistent.

“Super Clean Stimulation, Non-Jittery and No Crash”
“Probably the Best Pre Workout Product I’ve Ever Used.”
“Focus Was Absolutely Intense, Mind/Muscle Connection Was Insane!”
“Hit Me Very Quickly and Never Really Wore Off.. Just Continued to Feel / Better!”
“Ok..Don’t Know What’s In Here But I Haven’t Felt Like Ever! Unreal!”

EnJect is an ultra potent Pre-Workout Suspension and is not for the every day person who goes to the gym once or twice a week.


WARNING: If you train 1-2 days per week and don’t really have experience with pre-workout supplements then EnJect is not for you.


But.. if you’re on a quest for the hardest hitting and most intense Pre-Workout Supplement in the world then EnJect was designed just for you. It’s for the guy who goes to the gym on a mission and who needs the absolute strongest Pre-Workout Solution there is period.


If you’re the type of guy who finishes a back workout and says “Lets do 4 sets of Deadlifts with 405 for Reps” then EnJect is for you. If you’re the type of guy who’s goal is to have the absolute best body possible and will do absolutely anything to get it, then EnJect is for you.


EnJect is currently available in 150ml/cc bottles and comes with an OraJect Syringe and an Adapta Cap attachment for ease in drawing the liquid solution out of the bottle. It is the original O-Shot Injectable Liquid Pre Workout Suspension and the strongest pre-workout legally available. This could change soon as it will be a very controversial product, be sure and order now or visit your local Supplement Retailer and ask them about EnJect.

Enject Liquid Pre-Workout Suspension


This is the Original EnJect Liquid Pre Workout Suspension in Tropical Punch flavor. This is a one of kind Liquid Suspension and is currently available in a 150ml/cc bottle. Each bottle comes with an OraJect Syringe and a 38mm Adapta Cap attachment for ease in drawing the solution out of the bottle. This is the strongest pre-workout legally available. This could change soon as it is a very controversial product, order now or visit your local supplement retailer and ask them about EnJect.

30 Servings Per Bottle