EnJect Pre Workout Suspension was designed to give the user an effect that was unlike any Pre-Workout formula they had ever tried. Liquid suspensions, although more costly in design, are superior to powders and pills in many ways. By using a liquid solution we were able to maintain the bioavailability of the ingredients and provide superior assimilation and results as well as pharmaceutical quality and precision.


Effectiveness – Liquid’s are designed in a form that the body can assimilate quickly and very effectively with their particle size and pure liquid medium.


Bio-Availability – EnJect is a “Pre Dissolved” Suspension and it does not require stomach acid to break down compounds and excipients (which are present in powders, pills and tablets). The nutrients are immediately absorbed by the body and utilized at an efficiency rate of 98%.


Absorption – Liquids have always proved a much more effective medium for absorption due their pre dissolved qualities. EnJect has a rate of delivery that surpasses any other Pre-Workout formulas on the market. Users will feel EnJect between 10-15 minutes after their initial dose.