EnJect is the first of its kind, Liquid Pre-Workout Suspension. It represents a new technology and a new delivery system for one of the most commonly used supplements in the world, Pre- Workouts. The research and formulation team at Pureline Nutrition set out to create something unique and new with EnJect. They wanted to create a Pre-Workout Concept that was more powerful and more effective than anything that had ever been designed.


With this in mind, it was immediately determined that a liquid suspension would be the most efficient way to deliver a powerful blend of ingredients that would hit fast and hard while providing sustained training focus throughout the duration of a training session.


EnJect uses patented “O-SHOT” technology to deliver the ultra potent liquid suspension directly into the mouth. Once delivered, the suspension rapidly moves into the blood stream. EnJect’s effects begin quickly, within minutes the body starts to get warmer while energy levels and mental awareness start to peak. Within 10-15 minutes the body and mind are completely zero’d in and the user is ready for the most intense training session of his life.

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Enject Liquid Pre-Workout Suspension


This is the Original EnJect Liquid Pre Workout Suspension in Tropical Punch flavor. This is a one of kind Liquid Suspension and is currently available in a 150ml/cc bottle. Each bottle comes with an OraJect Syringe and a 38mm Adapta Cap attachment for ease in drawing the solution out of the bottle. This is the strongest pre-workout legally available. This could change soon as it is a very controversial product, order now or visit your local supplement retailer and ask them about EnJect.

30 Servings Per Bottle